Financial Reporting

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For many companies, financial reporting is a fundamental part of doing business—and it is an issue that has become more apparent in the years following Lehman Shock and global economic crisis.
For many of our clients, TECS is responsible for preparing various financial reports and in various formats. Some of the financial reports prepared by TECS are basic including profit and loss statement and a balance sheet when in more and more cases our clients ask for more detailed information that we present in a form of many optional supporting schedules and notes to provide for better understanding of numbers presented in the summarizing financial statements.

  • Our financial reporting services can include one or all of the following:
  • Design of the financial reporting format and preparing the actual presentation file
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, annual or ad hoc reports in any level of detail possible based on the journal entry detail, format and timing
  • Review of existing financial statements and improvement of the presentation of both the technical detail and presentation
  • Explanation of financial information presented in financial statements or basic format of financial statement to our clients and their staff  
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