Outsourced Controller

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An outsourced Controller/CFO provides senior level management expertise in many different areas of your business support.

We believe and have learned through being in business support services for many years that a controller function is important and critical however not a full time job in case of many small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
In a small business, the controller is in charge of finance, accounting, bookkeeping, transaction processing, information management, information technology, human resources, tax planning, administration of retirement plans and insurance and often operations as well.

And if the company has an internal bookkeeper or accountant, the controller supervises their activities while remaining hands-on with all other functions. The controller also acts as a liaison with the company’s outside advisers, including its accounting firm, bankers, lawyers and other business professionals.

You can do all this or, you can grow your business.

TECS team not only has years of experience performing those services and duties for many international clients in many industries, but we can help you avoid paying high cost every year it will cost you to keep a qualified controller on staff. 

Our ongoing services and ability to handle one-time projects streamline your back office and keep it operating efficiently.
Ongoing Services
  • Provide direction to bookkeeper(s) and accountant(s)
  • Audit and analysis of management Information
  • Interpret information and advise client acting as the “goalkeeper”,
  • Business support systems review and maintenance
  • Liaison with outside accounting / payroll firm, attorney, banks and consultants
  • Accounting software training and support
  • Business coaching and planning
Project Work
  • Business support process review, improvements and documentation
  • Database sourcing or development
  • Due diligence assistance
  • Software functionality review
  • Report customization
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Management coaching
  • Income tax and audit
  • Government compliance
  • Employee compensation and incentive plans
  • Exit strategy
  • Retirement, financial, & business planning
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