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When the time comes and you make a decision to "graduate" from one of our centers and get your own office we will be very happy to assist with your relocation as well.

A common problem in finding and setting up an office is Tokyo is the initial cost.

There are many factors to be considered:
  • Location
  • Type and size of the building
  • Size of the office
  • Deposit and monthly rent expense
  • Office improvements and related cost
  • Technology and related costs
  • Ongoing running costs

There are "too many" options in the real-estate market in Tokyo with rents and related deposit terms ranging from world-wide standard to one of the highest in the developed world. Office space comes in a standard "raw" state without any partitions, power or LAN cabling, phone or internet systems inside the office and typically in basic white wall and grey office carpet design. As such, any type of office requires certain level of construction and improvement before a company can "plug-in" and go.

Our team will assist you to:
  • Select the best location for your business needs including your team and customers / partners
  • Select the best office space for your budget in given location(s)
  • Negotiate the terms of your lease
  • Source and manage vendors for any construction including partitions and interior work either from developing the initial design concept or adapting existing design concept
  • Source and implement the best technology solution for your phone, communication, network and other IT systems
  • Provide costs estimates for various options of the set up
  • Prepare operational budged for the final solution
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