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Under Corporate Law,  to establish any form of legal presence there is a requirement for  at least one resident representative (director, executive manager, member, etc. as applicable to each form). This can be either a Japanese national or a foreign national holding relevant and valid long term visa in Japan.

At The Executive Centre Services, we provide nominee representatives from among one of our partners as service to clients who:
1. do not have a resident representative, or
2. wish to segregate duties and have a reliable third party to control the company seal and bank based on the instructions of the representatives appointed by the head-quarters. 

In Japan companies are represented by registered company seal (not a signature), which is registered in the name of the entity and the resident representative. As such the appointed representative has a great deal of individual control over the entity, i.e. segregation of duties is often sought by companies requiring rigid internal controls.

For more details regarding the process and requirements for us act as your representative in Japan, inquire online now.
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