Bank Accounts

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After completing the company registration and the required initial tax notifications we often assist our clients with the selection of the most suitable bank and opening one or multiple bank accounts.

Due to strict regulatory compliance requirements the process of opening new corporate bank accounts is not guaranteed by any bank, takes a minimum of 10 days and consists of two steps:

1. Application / Bank Investigation – takes between 7 and 30 days. Different banks request different documents to be submitted. Following the submission of the required documents, banks do their necessary background check and contact the person in charge of the account opening with a result of the check. In case the bank agrees to open the company`s bank account(s), the process goes to the next step
2.Bank account opening – same day 

At The Executive Centre Services we assist our clients with the whole process of bank account(s) opening including preparation of required documents, applying and following up with the bank(s)
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