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Employment Agreements
By the labor law in Japan, employment agreements are required  for any type of employment, i.e. a signed offer letter alone does not fulfill this requirement.

There are specific requirements and parts to be included for each type of employment type agreement in Japan.  

When a company employs 10 or more employees, it is required to publish and register “Rules of Employment” with the appropriate administrative office. In such case employment agreements can be simplified to list only the basic terms of employment specific to each employee with the remaining rules substituted by the set of the Rules of Employment.
Careful drafting of an employment agreement requires skill, experience, and knowledge of all aspects of the labor law.  

We can assist you with adapting your existing Employment Agreement template(s) to be compliant with the labor law and standards or provide latest templates that can be further tailored to fit your company culture and preferred policies. 

Statutory Employee Benefit System
Our professional team will provide support and administration of the statutory and other employee benefit systems for our clients. 

Our services include the following:

  • Initial company enrollment in the statutory benefit systems
  • Initial individual employee enrollment and subsequent reporting changes, e.g. hiring, changes of address, salaries, etc.
  • Existing benefit plan review and update
  • Additional benefit plan preparation
  • Performance of all mandatory reporting to individual local state institutions
  • Representing the client during all inspections of tax agenda by local state institutions
  • Filing of the social insurance annual report (July)
  • Filing of the labor insurance annual report (July)

The social insurance statutory system, (including health insurance, long-term care insurance and welfare pension insurance), and the labor insurance statutory system (including employment insurance as well as workmen’s accident compensation insurance), applies to newly-established companies that employ people for over 3/4 of the full time defined by the company in the employment agreement or the company Rules of Employment.

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